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Finding the Key to Effective Leadership

I love quotes, so much so that I organize them in folders according to who I think would benefit from reading the quotes most. These are some of the leadership quotes in my "leader" collection.  I suppose some would say that I have no right to share these quotes if I haven't walked in the very difficult steps of a school leader. However, I believe that leadership is more than just a position. It is an attitude and mindset that anyone, regardless of position, can decide to adopt. These ideas should permeate a school culture and reach everyone in the organization. The ideas expressed in these quotes should be just as important to teachers in the classrooms as they are to administrators in the board room.  A quote has a way of delivering a quick, no nonsense, straight to the point message that tends to get noticed over a more verbose text.  My hope is that whoever reads these quotes can feel the emotional attachment that I do each time I read them and hopefully react to the ideas behind them in a positive way.

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