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Looking To The Past To Solve The Problems Of The Present

The short video, Progressive Education in the 1040’s initiated a wide range of thoughts about where education has been, where it is now and where we will go from here. I think it is interesting that John Dewey’s quote “If we teach today’s students as we taught yesterday’s, we rob them of tomorrow” is still so important in education. At first, the fact that we are still referencing and quoting Dewey’s ideas surprised me. However, after a little more reflection, I think that his words will always hold true about our education system. Schools are complex and made up of many different moving parts and many different ideas about what is “best” for learning. Therefore, most organizations will simply rely on what they know, as opposed to the unknown regardless of what is best for students. Change is scary because it is likely that a new approach will need to be tweaked and adjusted, in short it will not work perfectly the first time. And who wants to be wrong?

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