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Communication Is The Key To Innovation

I think being an innovative educator is a matter of perspective. Creating change in any established institution requires a certain degree of innovation. However, I know that what I am trying to do in my own district would not be considered innovative in some other places. The fact that creating a meaningful learning environment for students is considered “innovative” should cause us all to shudder. Ideally, schools should be a place where students can connect their learning to the world around them and gradually take control of their own learning. I hope to play a part in this shift of thinking in my district. Sometimes it just takes one person to bring in a new perspective to create a culture shift. I hope I can be that person.

John Kotter’s video “Communicating a Vision for Change” explains that one of the major problems associated with introducing change in any institution is a serious lack of adequate communication about the change. This video really hit home for me personally. I am probably guilty of assuming that everyone in my organization is as familiar with the ideas I am proposing as I am. I need to remind myself that not so long ago, I myself didn’t have significant knowledge of how technology can create meaningful learning opportunities for students and realizing the need for change was a process that happened over time. Any change message should be constantly shared out in a variety of ways in order to be successful.

So what does the message mean to me, in my circumstances? It has made me realize that I need to get busy and think outside the box when sharing new ideas for change.

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