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New Opportunities for

Blended  Learning  

New Opportunities For Blended Learning

Life happens! 

     Recently, circumstances have changed that will alter the projection of my innovation plan.  I will be working in a different school district in a slightly different position. Thankfully, my experiences in this program have taught me to be flexible and not panic when things do not go as planned.  Therefore, I will take some time to assess the environment and culture of the new district where I will be working and evaluate how I can best use my innovation plan. I will still be working as an instructional technology coach and my job will still involve helping teachers meaningfully integrate technology into the curriculum.


     I plan to use this blended learning video to offer vision and hopefully inspire teachers, principals, 

curriculum leaders and other stakeholders to consider why blended learning is an excellent option for providing a more personalized learning environment for students. I will then present the research and this video which is a little more informative and will serve as a call to action. Finally, this outline will offer a general overview of a blended learning initiative that can be customized as needed.


     I have learned so much throughout this process and I am excited about what the future will bring for me and the students and teachers that I will have the privilege of working with next year.

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