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An Outline For Implementing Blended Learning

The goal for this initiative will be two fold: 
  1. In order to model lifelong learning for students, teachers will gain new understandings about the importance of personalized classroom practices to support student learning.
  2. Teachers will then create blended learning environments that support the individual and unique needs of all students. 
Inform - Present evidence from research and review proposal for principals and teachers


Recruit - Send out interest surveys to all teachers for the purpose of forming a “pilot”

               program to begin implementing blended learning 

  • Distribute survey to teachers

  • Analyze information and determine interest

  • Make contact with teachers that will be participating


Professional Development


  • Schedule meetings to answer questions, provide professional development and share   ideas and practices about blended learning and personalizing learning.

  • Travel to other school districts that are already using a blended learning model.

  • Teachers will evaluate current instruction practices and start to implement small,   gradual changes that allow students to have more control over their own learning.       

  • Teachers will attend area technology conferences and seek out sessions about blended learning or tools and techniques that enable teachers to personalize learning for students.

  • Teachers will participate in a book study over the book "Blended Learning in Action:           A Practical Guide Toward Sustainable Change" by Catlin R. Tucker, Tiffany Wycoff and Jason T. Green.




  • The Blended Learning Committee will set goals for the upcoming year.

  • Teachers will continue to learn and incorporate newly formed pedagogical practices

  • The importance of student feedback and formative assessment will be at the forefront of the blended learning initiative.

  • Teachers will closely monitor student progress, reflect and report back to the group concerning results, best practices and difficulties encountered while implementing blended learning strategies.




  • Teachers will begin to report on the results of  blended learning practices in their classroom in hopes of encouraging other teachers to try them in their own classrooms.

  • Seek feedback and evaluate responses from students concerning the overall effectiveness of a blended learning environment that emphasizes personalized learning.

  • Teachers and students will participate in a panel discussion with administrators and other teachers to answer questions and discuss outcomes of the initial phase of the blended learning initiative.

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