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Creating Change

      Learning how to impact organizational change is something that I had never really considered. It’s easy to assume that just because you are suggesting a good idea, like blended learning, change will come easy. But in reality change of any type will always involve altering people’s behavior which will always be difficult.


     In his TED talk, author Simon Sinek states that “people don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.”  Therefore my vision for implementing blended learning is an important first step in motivating others to connect and accept my belief that blended learning is a positive change for student learning.

     The Influencer strategy explains important vital behaviors needed to successfully implement blended learning in a traditional learning environment. It also demonstrates how increasing the sources of influence will increase the chances of success.

     Real change can only happen when people understand the goal and are willing to commit to what needs to be done to achieve it. The 4DX model relies on team members committing to a common goal and offers ways to make sure the goal doesn’t become a casualty of the busy day to day whirlwind.  

     Change is best accomplished by a self-differentiated leader.  Although this may come easier for some than others, it requires self awareness and control that is made possible by learning some of the techniques mentioned in the books A Failure of Nerve and Crucial Conversations.

     Bringing blended learning to a conservative district will require a multi step approach, however, I now feel that I am better prepared for the inevitable resistance that all change brings about in any organization thanks to the learning experience I have gained during the 5304 "Leading Organizational Change" course at Lamar. 

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