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Blended Learning:

A New Beginning

                                      “From small beginnings come great things”

     I would like to make this proverb a reality within my organization. In my role as Instructional Technology Coordinator, I have the privilege of working closely with awesome teachers and administrators. My innovation plan demonstrates how we, as a district, can begin to tailor instruction to our student’s individual learning needs so that they can be successful. An initial pilot program will enable a small group of teachers to learn about and incorporate blended learning principles and practices into their instruction. This blended learning pilot will lay the groundwork for future, campus and possibly district wide endeavors.


     There are many benefits of blended learning and the research demonstrates how blended learning can support a personalized approach to instruction and why this approach is important to student learning.


     Blended learning is not a quick fix. It challenges our ideas of direct instruction and the traditional approach of teaching. Teachers will require time to learn best practices for establishing a blended learning environment in their classrooms. This outline will help to establish a general guideline for implementation. Of course, as with any uncharted program, the timeline is subject to be adjusted as determined by the pilot group.


     We owe it to our students to use the technology we already have in classrooms in a more meaningful way. A blended learning approach will open up new possibilities for student learning.


The following list of books, blogs and podcasts would be a great start for anyone interested in exploring ideas from some of the thought leaders that inspire me daily.

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