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Every Child  is unique, therefore their education  should be also.

Jeannie Fulbright


Student Personalized Learning in a Blended Environment

Action Research is     teacher initiated and specific to the local level.   It is   a collaborative, relevant process that allows teachers to   learn about their own teaching  in hopes to   continually improve.

     My innovation plan involves promoting blended learning environments that support the individual and unique needs of all students. As I begin to gather responses from the teachers that I work with, the ultimate goal will be to provide local data that determines how my time as a technology integration specialist can best be spent coaching teachers to use technology effectively in the classroom with the highest return on increased student learning. 

     I chose both my innovation plan and action research topic for essentially the same, very personal reason. I have been so influenced (as a veteran teacher set in my ways) and my thinking has been so radically altered by what I have learned about student personalized instruction that I chose to use it as my action research topic. I will be working in a new district this year so it is important that I proceed carefully and begin to build relationships from the start. I have decided to use the interviews, questionnaires and surveys as a way to get to know the teachers that I will be working with. Hopefully, I can get a feel for how best to approach participating teachers for from the initial survey/questionnaire data.

The following outline is part of the planning stage of my action research plan and will help me stay on track as I continue to progress through the acting, developing and reflecting stages.

I. Topic

    A. Blended learning as an alternative approach to traditional instructional practices to                        personalize learning for students.

II. Research

    A.  Purpose - Determine if teachers are more willing to implement blended learning in their               classrooms if exposed to the benefits of personalized instruction.

    B.  Question - Does introducing and informing teachers about the benefits of student                         personalized learning influence their decision to implement blended learning in their

III.  Research Design

     A. Mixed Methods - Both qualitative and quantitative

  1. Reason for choosing mixed method design - I need to gain a better understanding of how teachers feel, what they are thinking as well as how often or what types of lessons they choose to apply a blended approach.  I will need to assess teachers’ attitudes and how, or if, the knowledge they acquire will influence the likelihood that they will alter their current instruction model. This will be best assessed through questionnaires and interviews. However, I will also be keeping track of how many teachers decide to try a blended approach after learning about the benefits of personalized learning.  

IV.   Types of Data

        A. Observation - I will have the opportunity to visit classrooms on a regular basis.

        B. Interviews - I will discuss teachers’ reactions to the information.

        C. Rating Scales - These will be in digital form and during interviews.

        D. Surveys - Use digital forms to gather information.

        E. Questionnaires - Both in person and in digital form.

V.   Literature Review

A. The literature I reviewed offers insight into teacher apprehension or willingness to incorporate personalized instruction for students. My goal was to specifically focus on studies that assess how teachers react to incorporating online/digital instruction. I also found studies that looked at personalized learning from a teacher’s point of view. I plan to use the findings to better understand some of the successes and failures associated with implementing blended learning to provide a more personalized student learning environment.

The "5 Why Process" for Problem Identification

The Problem:

Learning experiences are not being personalized to address the individual needs of all students. 


Many school districts have yet to realize the implications of personalized learning environments for students.


Teachers have very limited knowledge about the benefits of peronalized learning for students


There is a lack of school personnel with specific knowledge and resources on the topic of blended learining.  Blended Learning is also not being addressed in teacher preparatory programs.


Many schools are just now getting accustomed to having access to technology in the classroom and have yet to consider how it can be leveraged to benefit student learning.


There is a fundamental lack of knowledge about personalized learning environments that blended learning can address.


Implementing student personalized learning in a blended environment.


To encourage teachers to implement blended learning environments as a way to facilitate student personalized learning. 


Does introducing and informing teachers about the benefits of student personalized learning influence their decision to implement blended learning in their classrooms?


I will use a methodological triangulation research technique.


I will be observing classrooms, conducting interviews, and using rating scales, surveys and questionnaires to gather data for my action research project.


I will be using a mixture of both qualitative and quantitative measures to collect data.

Literature Review


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